Housing is a human right.

Baltimore has tens of thousands of vacant homes, largely as a result of deindustrialization, racial segregation and redlining, and failed downtown development. We believe that every person deserves housing that is stable, permanently affordable, and community controlled.


Join the fight for Housing as a Human Right

Community Control

We believe in a housing market that values non-speculative, permanently affordable housing for all. We believe that community land trusts are a model that can protect our communities’ right to housing.


We value education and learning. HON members have spent countless hours surveying vacant homes in East Baltimore, helping to inform our work and that of our allies. Come learn with us!

Coalition Building

HON is a member of the Baltimore Housing Roundtable, where we are organizing to put public money and investment into housing that will benefit us all.

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Housing Actions & Events

Sign here: I Support Council Bill #16-0712! Urge your City Council member to support The “Housing Our Neighbors Act,” to create thousands of affordable housing units in the new Port Covington development. Increasing the supply of affordable housing is vital for... Read More →
Dec 2015
DEC 18, 2016– The city has a problem with vacants, and we are told that these properties have no value. Yet housing speculation, supported by the city, moves millions of dollars–exchanged by developers–through these properties without ever entering the... Read More →
SEPT 17, 2014– Members of Housing Our Neighbors took a trip to New York City to visit with and learn from Picture the Homeless, an organization we have long admired. Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization, founded and led by people experiencing homelessness. They... Read More →
Nov 2013
NOV 23, 2014– Housing Our Neighbors was born from the energy of 2013’s National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (NHHAW), as we channeled that event’s momentum into on-going organizing meetings. 2014’s Sleep Out for Housing Justice united renters, homeowners, and... Read More →